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Shantou Ocean Best Seafood Corporation is an Shantou Freezing Aquatic Product Foodstuffs Company  enterprise group which gathers fishing,farming purchasing, processing and exporting together.We have 5 vessels for fishing and farms for White Shrimp,Golden Pompano,Yellow Croaker ,Silver Fish,Frog,which are put on records in CIQ. None of the prohibited drugs are used during the farming period.We process our products strictly under HACCP & SSOP &GMP guidelines.Our products are mainly sold to USA, Canada,South Korea, Viet-nam, Singapore and Middle EastCountries. 

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Main products:Frozen L oligo Squid Whole Round, FrozenCleaned Loligo Squid fillet, Frozen Squid Tube and Tentacle,Frozen Golden Pompano,Frozen Yellow Croaket, Frozen Silver Fish,Frozen Seafood Mix,Frozen Frogleg,Frozen Round Scad (Galongon) and so on.

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3.15 Report | From the pond to the dining table, how did the bullfrog become a "drug frog"?

If you must eat it, he suggested to reporters: "Try to choose fish that have higher requirements on the water environment, such as yellow-bone carp, grass carp, etc." According to reports, bullfrogs, like crayfish, are species introduced from abroad. Bullfrog not only has high food value, but also has a short breeding cycle, and can raise the highest quality protein with the least feed. In recent years, with the increasing market demand, many farmers engaged in aquaculture have begun to breed bullfrogs. "The usual method is high-density farming in greenhouses." Illegal drug use occurred. "In a high-density breeding environment, water bodies are particularly prone to bacteria," another Mr. Li (pseudonym), who is engaged in the feed industry, told reporters: "In order to improve the survival rate of bullfrogs, farmers will use a large number of Give the bullfrog medicine." Perhaps this is why the "broad-spectrum antibacterial drug" that should not have appeared in the bullfrog was detected. The abuse of antibiotics in the breeding industry not only directly or indirectly harms the health of human beings, but also causes great pollution to the environment. In fact, the country has long been aware of the problems caused by the abuse of antibiotics, and has issued a number of laws and regulations indicating that most chemical drugs are prohibited in aquaculture. Why does the "drug frog" still appear on the dining table? Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes that this is related to the poor food safety awareness and legal awareness of practitioners. At the same time, the relevant departments have not punished the companies involved enough, resulting in lower cost of violations. Not only that, the catering industry franchise chain form also has hidden crisis. According to industry insiders, it takes about two years for the stores of Internet celebrity catering brands to recover their costs, but the franchise period is usually three years. This means that franchisees need to minimize the investment period. Zhu Danpeng said that the internal management and quality internal control system of the franchise brand needs to be improved. In order to save costs and make profits as soon as possible, many franchisees do not fully implement personnel management training, process standardization and standardization. Management can’t keep up, and natural problems occur frequently. In addition to the above reasons, food safety issues in the catering industry are also inseparable from the introspection of the entire industry. According to the "2021 China Chain Catering Industry Report" by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, as of August 2021, the investment and financing amount in China's catering industry was 43.91 billion yuan, twice the amount in 2020. While capital is pressing the "fast-forward button", factors such as rising raw material costs and the epidemic have made it difficult for catering companies to survive. In order to reduce costs as much as possible and maintain business status, some companies have turned their attention to ingredients with lower illegal costs. How to eliminate the "drug residue frog" from the source? Guangdong is a big province for bullfrog farming. According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in 2021, the bullfrog has formed a complete development model of the whole industry chain, with an output value of nearly 80 billion yuan, of which the output of Guangdong bullfrog accounts for about half of the country. Although the bullfrog industry is developing rapidly, it is facing development difficulties on the breeding side. At present, bullfrogs are still in the initial stage of development, and there are problems such as tail water, pollution of sick and dead frogs, and illegal drug use caused by high breeding density. Zhang Chunxiao, a professor at the School of Fisheries of Jimei University, said in an interview with Aoyi News that the standardization of the entire bullfrog industry chain is still relatively low. , the rapid detection technology at the catering end is insufficient, the market also has price risks, and the average profitability of farmers is poor.” How to make the bullfrog industry move towards green development? Zhang Chunxiao believes that the overall goal of regulating the bullfrog industry needs to achieve two guarantees, namely food safety and environmental safety, and the path to achieve it is a perfect supervision system. This needs to be led by the government, establish bullfrog breeding standards and product quality standards, and strictly supervise according to laws and regulations. At the same time, encourage the establishment of bullfrog scientific research projects and increase scientific research investment. All links in the industrial chain also need to be gradually standardized. Professor Lin Li, Dean of the School of Animal Science and Technology, Zhongkai Co


[Rural Revitalization] Shantou: Expand the article on "pre-made vegetables" and speed up the construction of a modern agricultural industrial park

Building a new benchmark for modern agricultural industrial parks In fact, in the context of the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization proposed by the Central "No. 1 Document" in 2022, the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks has become an important starting point for Shantou to promote rural revitalization, and it is a booster and accelerator for revitalizing rural industries. "Haojiang District has 90% of agriculture-related communities. It is imperative to speed up the modernization of agriculture in Haojiang!" said Huang Pengwei, deputy secretary of the Shantou Haojiang District Committee and head of the district. We must firmly grasp the "bull nose" of the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks. The reporter learned that since 2022, Shantou City's Haojiang District Fishery Provincial Agricultural Industrial Park has used the opportunity of RCEP to empower the brand of aquatic products, drive the upgrade of the primary industry through the linkage of the secondary and tertiary industries, and promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. At the same time, through the establishment of a long-term benefit linkage mechanism, the radiation drives the employment of farmers, broadens the channels for farmers to increase their income, and promotes the continuous increase of farmers' income, striving to create a new benchmark for the construction of Guangdong Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park 2.0. To revitalize the countryside, industry must go first. As a "breakthrough" for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Shantou is currently vigorously promoting the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks. A total of 6 provincial-level modern agricultural industrial parks and 14 municipal-level industrial parks have been established, basically realizing "one county, one park", covering Grain, live pigs, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits, poultry and other industries gather 35 leading enterprises above the municipal level. It is understood that by the end of 2021, the total output value of the leading industries of Shantou's provincial agricultural industrial park will be about 8 billion yuan, and 73 agricultural brands have been created. Next, Shantou City will also plan to add and expand a number of modern agricultural industrial parks to promote the organic connection between modern agricultural industrial parks and rural revitalization and beautiful rural construction. (Author: Shantou Financial Media Group)


2022 Aquatic Product Processing Trends

With the development of China's national economy, the advancement of science and technology, and the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and processing technology, China's aquatic product processing technology, methods and means have undergone fundamental changes. All have been greatly improved, and the following trend is now presented. 1. Convenience First, some aquatic products are used to process fish paste, and then fish paste is used to produce various products such as fish cakes, fish breasts, fish steaks or fish sausages for direct consumption by consumers. It is nutritious and storable, and easy to carry. 2. Simulation The fish paste can be made into simulated products such as color, fragrance, taste and shape similar to crab, shrimp, shellfish, shark fin, and roe. This simulated product can become a special aquatic convenience food or side dish no matter in home or restaurant catering. 3. Health care Using aquatic products as raw materials, according to a certain formula, with appropriate drugs, the taste of aquatic products, and the properties of drugs, various aquatic health foods are made. Due to its low content of cholesterol enzymes, it can become a real "medicated diet". 4. Beautify The vast majority of caviar is not only delicious and nutritious, but also rich in elements and minerals such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and lecithin. 5. Fresh and live segmentation Aquatic products can maintain their original fresh taste after being scientifically divided. In addition to advocating nearby, on-site live sales, and fresh sales, it can also be divided into small frozen packages, so that the storage time is long, and it can meet the consumption needs of different consumers and is convenient for purchase.


Scale of China's aquatic product processing market in 2022

Product processing is the continuation of fishery production and the link between fishery production and circulation. Aquatic product processing includes making various processed products from edible parts of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, and algae. 1. Industry market size The data shows that from 2017 to 2020, the processing volume of aquatic products in China showed a fluctuating trend, rising from 21.963 million tons to 22.378 million tons. In 2020, my country's aquatic product processing output is only 34.17% of the total aquatic product, and its aquatic product processing industry has a broad market space. China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that China's aquatic product processing volume will reach 22.719 million tons in 2021 and 23.059 million tons in 2022. The data shows that the processed aquatic products in China are mainly frozen aquatic products; in 2019, the processing volume of frozen aquatic products was 15.323 million tons, accounting for 71%; followed by dry salted products, the processing volume was 1.521 million tons, accounting for 71%. reached 7%.


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